Alex Rivas (Mérida, Venezuela)

I'm a photographer and videographer working in diverse locations with productions of all shapes and sizes. Most of my work are focusing in advertising, social media content, editorial, audiovisual projects also behind the scenes.

I have been working together with creative teams in advertising agencies and production companies developing projects for major brands and clients with a worldwide operative.

As a part of this working experiences I would like to mention a few:
Anomaly (New York), Saatchi & Saatchi (London), Smuggler (London) Stillking (London), adam&eveddb (London), Mobile Ecosystem Forum (London), Palma Pictures (Mallorca), Motel Productions (Barcelona), Astro Spatial Audio (Amsterdam), EMI Music Spain (Madrid), Parlophone Music Spain, Wilde Sunglasses (Barcelona/Madrid/Osaka)

In addition, for the last ten years I have been working in several personal projects covering the urban culture, lifestyle, traditions of awesome locations through photography and video. Remarkable places in South America, North America and Japan feature prominently in my work. Both in personal and commission projects.

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